Markets Served

Markets Overview


Whether it is an internal or external part of the automotive, H & L has the expertise to fabricate the product for our customer. Our quality plan and procedures are customized to meet the Six Sigma requirements of our automotive customers. Consequently, H & L High-Tech is the preferred supplier choice for many of the leading automotive brands.


The consumer market is perhaps the fastest changing, most aggressive industry in the world. For this reason, it demands innovatively designed that target specific application needs at a globally competitive price with high priority for time-to-market. H & L High-Tech is able to offer total manufacturing solutions for an extensive range of end use applications and deliver efficient product and process solutions that facilitate on-time market launching for our customers. Our extensive experience and reputation has allowed us to supply to major Multi National Companies and OEM's worldwide.


H & L High-Tech have been supplying to the electrical industry since the start of the company and has more than 30 years experience with the electrical products - ranging from transformers, switchgears, motors and generators, and relays and controls. The customers H & L High-Tech serves in the Electrical segments are some of the world top players in this field. This goes to show how established we are in this segment. Our company is able to assist our customer to produce small scale - pilot ran, which is required for the many extensive tests to ensure the products are good and safe.


Precision is the key element in this segment. All parts are carefully machined and checked with our impressive precise measuring equipment before delivery to our customer. H & L have the ability to machine engineering industrial parts for our customer whether it is in alloy steel or engineering plastic. Our flexibility allows us to accept custom made order of one piece to the full mass production scale. Our flexibility is because we have the advantage of all different machines required for machining parts in house. Due to this aspect, the speed and the quality of the part are monitor in within at all times.


The performance of medical parts requires the complete precision and reliability as it is often the matter of a human crucial healthcare situation. H & L is committed to provide internationally recognized codes of practice relating to good manufacturing practice and quality systems for the medical segments. Our quality plans are flexible to accommodate the requirements which customer need to achieve the FDA approval on their parts. We have experience to managed and ensure proper handling of medical grade raw materials which is specifically cater for the medical industry.