Project Management Services

All projects are carefully managed and overlook by a key window personnel. The project leader will ensure project is smooth by working together with all relevant personnel from mould design, mould fabrication, mould testing with statistic process control (SPC), part modifications or revision changed to part qualification and approval for mass production

The success of any project is determined by the strength and unity of the Team and in H & L, this is something which we highly value. Together, our team combine their experiences in tooling, automation, and design to provide our customer with optimized manufacturing solutions.

Customer Communication

Apart from direct communication with the Key-Window personnel, our customer can also monitor the on-going progress through our Project Online Tracking System (POTS). This dynamic project system is made specifically accessible to our customers only, disregarding the time zones, business hours, and holidays. This guarantees continual two-way communication and ensuring that our clients are constantly informed wherever they are and whenever they need to.