The Begin

The story starts at a workshop in Malaysia back in 1976, where several of our highly-valued staff still with us today started at, that's more than 30 years of experience. Even back then, when we were known as Hup Lee Engineering Works, our unique selling point was our dependability in meeting the challenging engineering needs of our clients with enterprising solutions.

As more and more clients acknowledged this distinction, we gradually expanded our operations to improve our range of services. This was done in measured steps, always keeping in mind the high regard for our core competencies and determined to not disappoint such expectations by diluting our expertise.

12 years after our founding, Hup Lee Engineering Works evolved into H & L High-Tech Sendirian Berhad (H & L High-Tech Private Limited) to provide the proper framework and structure to support our continuing growth. In 1994 and now with 5 subsidiaries in total, we take the next step in our business growth, incorporating Kumpulan H & L High-Tech Berhad to synergize our team effort in providing holistic solutions.

Going against popular opinion during the devastating Asian financial crisis of 1997/98, Kumpulan H & L High-Tech Berhad got public listed on Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia Stock Exchange) in 1998. It was a timely move that enabled us to capitalize a bigger market share just as regional economies started to recover.

Today, our subsidiaries offer a full range of services in plastics injection with operations in both Malaysia and Thailand, all thanks to a diverse base of customers from around the world who have trusted us to assist them in meeting ambitious goals, goals that have honed our expertise to greater heights.

A quick look at our corporate milestones:

1976 Founding of Hup Lee Engineering Works.
1988 Hup Lee Engineering Works evolves into H&L High-Tech Sdn. Bhd.
  Plastik STC Sdn. Bhd. is established to provide plastics injection manufacturing.
1994 Kumpulan H & L High-Tech Berhad is incorporated with 5 subsidiaries.
1998 Kumpulan H & L High-Tech Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia.
2000 H & L High-Tech Sdn. Bhd. is certified with ISO 9001:2000 for Design & Manufacture of Precision Moulds.
2001 Plastik STC Sdn. Bhd. is certified with ISO 9001:2000 for Manufacture of Plastic Injection Moulding for Electronics and Electrical, Automotive and Furniture Parts.
2002 H & L High-Tech Mould (Thailand) Company, Limited brings us closer to our clients in neighboring Thailand.
2003 H & L High-Tech Deco Sdn. Bhd. is established to supply secondary manufacturing services.
2004 H & L High-Tech Mould (Thailand) Company, Limited is certified with ISO 9001:2000 for Design, Development and Manufacture of Moulds for Injection Moulded Parts for Electronics, Electrical and Automotive Industry.
2007 H & L Mould Solution Sdn Bhd is established