Kumpulan H & L High-Tech Berhad (H & L High-Tech Group) is a public-listed company on Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia Stock Exchange) with 8 subsidiaries till date 2010, specializing in the innovation of plastic injection moulding solutions every step of the way from design to precision engineering to secondary finishing and sub-assembly.

Our operations are based mostly in Malaysia with additional facilities in Thailand and we are privileged to be of service to a variety of customers from all over the world with products in almost every industry.

Mission statement

Emphasis on the importance of teamwork to create a unique synergy.

High quality product and services, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction.


Building on the decades of experience, our ambition is to further develop and refine our role in the global market. Already well-established as an international player, we want to cement that position as a global leader in comprehensive plastics engineering solutions.